Reading Period Schedule

The final project's deadline is Monday, May 12. We will accept it without penalty until 5PM Tuesday, May 13, but there will be no office hours or lab TAs on Tuesday. We cannot accept it after 5PM Tuesday.

Here is the special schedule for Reading Period. This schedule is subject to change; please refresh the page before going to office hours or the lab TAs.

If you work with a partner, remember that you MUST attend office hours and/or lab hours together.

Preceptors are also available by appointment.


These optional precepts will explain the final project. Attend any one of the following times:
Day Time Room
Fri May 2 1:30-3 PM McCosh 28
Mon May 5 1:30-3 PM Friend 006
Mon May 5 7-8:30 PM Friend 006
Tue May 6 4:30-6 PM Friend 006

Lab TAs

Note that the lab TAs may be in different rooms than the usual ones.
Day Time Rooms
Fri May 2–Sun May 4no lab TAs
Mon May 5–Weds May 77-11 PMFrist 210
Thu May 8–Fri May 97-11 PMFrist 210 and Friend 017
Sat May 102-6 PMFrist 212 and Friend 017
Sun May 117-11 PMFrist 212 and Friend 017
Mon May 127-11 PMFriend 017

Office Hours

These hours are subject to change! Check the schedule before you go to office hours. Note that the office hours may be at different times than usual.
Sun May 47pm-9pmDonna GabaiFriend 017
Mon May 55-6pm and 7-10pmNanxiFriend 016
Tue May 61-5pmSiSherrerd 119
Wed May 710am-2pmXinyiCS 414
2-4pmKevinCS 001B
4-5pmDaveCS 410
Thu May 81-5pmBorislavCS 103B
4-6pmBoyangSherrerd 217
Fri May 911am-3pmTerryFriend 017
1-5pmVictorCS 003
1:30-5:30pmWathsalaFriend 017
3-4pmDaveCS 410
3-7pmCaginSherrerd 322
Sat May 102-4pmKevinCS 001B*
Enter Friend basement
then pass doors to CS
2-6pmBebeCS 001B*
Enter Friend basement
then pass doors to CS
Sun May 117-9pmDonna GabaiFriend 017
7-9pmMaia GinsburgFrist 212
Mon May 1212:30-2:30pmMaia GinsburgCS 205
11am-3pmMojganCS 316
1-3pmDaveCS 410
2-6pmAlekseyCS 418b
4-6pmBoyangSherrerd 217
Tue May 13None. Project was due on Monday. Dean's date is 5PM.