How to get your cluster computer account set up in Friend 016/017 for the first time

If you arrived here because your laptop just crashed mid-exam: Don't panic! We won't count the set-up time against you if your laptop failed mid-exam and you just moved here.


  1. In case of trouble following any of the steps below, tell a preceptor/proctor.
  2. If you've never done it before, Enable your Unix account. Follow the instructions on this OIT page.
  3. Use your user account folder (or a subfolder thereof) so your work is permanently saved.
  4. Download whichever of the following you want: place them in your user account folder (or whatever subdirectory you're using to write and compile your code). Installing all of stdlib.jar is not necessary for exams and may be time-consuming. Remember to compile them.
  5. To access the tools:
  6. Check that everything works. Here's a short test program:
  7. Important for exams: If you arrived here because your laptop just crashed mid-exam, once everything looks good, tell the proctor/preceptor that you're ready to start work, so we can measure a total working time of 90 minutes for you.