COS 426:
Computer Graphics
Spring 2013

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Final Project: 3D Video Game

Writeup due Tuesday, May 14, 5:00 PM
Live demos will be May 15 3-6pm. Location CS Bldg 2nd floor tea room.


For your final project, you will implement a 3D video game using OpenGL. You are free to design and implement any sort of game you like, as long as it incorporates the required functionality described below. For purposes of this project, we consider a 3D video game to be an interactive 3D computer graphics application that has a challenging goal, is fun to play, and incorporates some concept of scoring or winning and losing. It is not required that your game idea be original, but originality will be rewarded with extra credit.

You are required to form teams of 3 or 4 people, and partition the work among team members. 2-person groups may be allowed with permission of the course instructor. The required workload is designed to be slightly sublinear in the number of people in the group.

Required Functionality

Within the overall framework of your video game, you are required to include the following functionality:

In addition to the basic requirements, you are required to implement at least 2N of the advanced features listed below, where N is the size of your team. Of course, you are encouraged to implement as many of these techniques as you can, depending on the requirements of your particular game engine, as well as using any other ideas you read about or invent on your own. Extra effort will be rewarded with extra credit.

Live Demos

All teams must provide a live demo of their games on May 15. Everyone is encouraged to see all the games, and cheer on your classmates.

Getting Started

Because all video games will be different, we do not provide sample code for you this time. Feel free to use any of the code you have been given, or have written, this semester. In particular, programs such as meshview might provide a good starting point for displaying content using OpenGL.

Rules for using external code, data, etc. To generate compelling games, you are encouraged to use 3D models, textures, and sample code that you may find in references and on the web, subject to the following restrictions:

Hints and Resources


Please submit one .zip file per group containing your code, writeup.html, and all artwork used by your game. The writeup must contain:

In addition, each member of the group must (separately and privately) submit a file named [your NetID]_contributions.txt with a concise list of the features on which he/she worked and the contributions made to the overall effort.

The Dropbox link to submit the final writeup is here.

Please note that, per university policy, the deadline to submit your final project writeups is 5:00 PM on May 14, 2012 (Dean's date). Writeups that are a bit (e.g. a few hours) late will not be penalized, but we cannot accept "late days" or grant extensions to this deadline.