Computer Science 226
Algorithms and Data Structures
Spring 2013

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Elementary Symbol Tables and BSTs

Pre-Lecture Coursera Viewing Guide

High Priority
Symbol tables. First 6 minutes and last 3 minutes.
BSTs. It is particularly important that you understand the definition of a BST, as well as how to search and insert new keys. You should understand the recursive code, but it's ok if you don't quite fully grok every detail.
Deletion in BSTs. This is a tricky topic. We'll be going over this again in class, so it's ok if you don't quite understand everything. Make sure not to miss the deadpan delivery of "guarantree" at 9:30.

Medium Priority
Elementary implementations of symbol tables. It's nice to know about the alternatives to BSTs for implementing a symbol table.

Low Priority.
Ordered symbol table operations. While the notion is quite handy (and the presentation quite clear), it's not necessary to digest all of this before lecture.
Implementing ordered symbol table operations.

Symbol tables - Minutes 10 through 16 provide a good scription of the equals method (useful for programming assignment #4).


You'll need to know what the 'level order traversal' in order to do the Blackboard questions. See the interactive question at the end of the deletion lecture or Marko Vuolevi's Coursera post about level-order traversal if you want to do the Blackboard exercises before class.