Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 598A
Advanced Topics in Computer Science:
Geometric Modeling and Analysis

Spring 2011

General Information:

Time: Wednesdays 1:30-3:50PM
Place: Computer Science 401
Instructor: Thomas Funkhouser

This course will survey recent research related to geometric analysis of 3D shapes. Discussions will focus on algorithms for surface correspondence, structure extraction, object recognition, content-aware processing, etc. The course will operate as a graduate-level reading class. So, coursework will include weekly discussion of papers and a final course project. During our discussions, we will focus not only on the technical contributions of past work, but also the mechanics of writing papers and giving talks, and we will also build a shared repository of related information (e.g., through this bib file). All are welcome (even if you don't take the course for credit).


Date Discussant Topic Reading
Feb 2 Tom Introduction  
Feb 9 Tom Repeated Structure Extraction Wang11
Feb 16 Xiaobai Part Correspondence vanKaick11
Feb 23 Vova, Thiaggo, Valentina Statistical Models of Object Classes Hasler09
Mar 2   Conditional and Markov Random Fields Munoz08
Mar 9 Aleksey Contextual Recognition Fisher10
Mar 16   Spring Break  
Mar 23   Example-Based Procedural Modeling Bokeloh10
Mar 23 Baoquan Chen City Modeling Nan10, Zheng10
Apr 6 Yiming Model Composition Chaudhuri11, Chaudhuri10
Apr 13   Content-Aware Mesh Processing Gal09
Apr 20   Using 3D Model Repositories for Object Recognition and Modeling Lai10a
Apr 26 Siddhartha Chaudhuri Structure Visualization Ovsjanikov11