WWS 586F / COS 586: Information Technology and Public Policy

Princeton University

Spring 2010

Instructor: Edward W. Felten


The schedule and reading list are subject to change, so please re-check this page periodically.

Feb 3The Internet in Authoritarian Countries Hillary Clinton (U.S. Secretary of State), Remarks on Internet Freedom, January 21, 2010.
Feb 10Naming and Internet Governance Class canceled due to weather.
Feb 17Naming and Internet Governance Kenneth Neil Cukier, Who Will Control the Internet?, Foreign Affairs, Nov./Dec. 2005.
Kenneth Neil Cukier, No Joke, Foreign Affairs online update, Dec. 28, 2005
Additional unpublished paper emailed by Prof. Felten
Feb 24 Spectrum Policy Kevin Werbach, Radio Revolution: The Coming Age of Unlicensed Wireless, New America Foundation, 2004.
Gerald R. Faulhaber and David Farber, Spectrum Management: Property Rights, Markets, and the Commons, Telecommunications Policy Research Conference, 2003.
Drew Clark, Spectrum Wars, National Journal Technology Daily, Feb. 18, 2005.
Marguerite Reardon, The Day After the DTV Transition, CNet News, June 13, 2009.
Mar 3 Privacy and Surveillance Daniel J. Solove and Chris Jay Hoofnagle, A Model Regime of Privacy Protection (Version 3.0), Illinois Law Review, 2006.
K.A. Taipale, The Ear of Dionysus: Rethinking Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, 9 Yale Journal of Law and Technology 128, 2007.
Mar 10 Copyrights and Patents William M. Landes and Douglas Lichtman. Indirect Liability for Copyright Infringement: An Economic Perspective. U. Chicago Law and Economics Working Paper, Feb. 2003.
Supreme Court decision in MGM v. Grokster, 2005.
Cornell Legal Information Institute. Patent Law: An Overview.
James J. Bessen and Michael J. Meurer. Of Patents and Property. Regulation, Winter 2008-2009 issue.
Mark A. Lemley. Ignoring Patents. Michigan State Law Review, Vol. 2008, No. 19, 2008.
Mar 24 Competition Carl Shapiro, Competition Policy in the Information Economy, 1999.
Timothy F. Bresnahan, Pro-Innovation Competition Policy: Microsoft and Beyond, 2003.
Mar 29, 7:30pm
306 Sherrerd Hall
Electronic Voting U.S. Election Assistance Commission, U.S. Constitutional Provisions [Regarding Elections]
Pew Center on the States, The Help America Vote Act at 5, 2007
Clive Thompson, Can You Count on Voting Machines?, New York Times Magazine, January 6, 2008
Mar 31 Infotech in health care Hillestad, Bigelow, Bower, Girosi, Meili, Scovilld, and Taylor. Can Electronic Medical Record Systems Transform Health Care? Potential Health Benefits, Savings, and Costs. Health Affairs, 24(5):1103-17.
Taylor, Bower, Girosi, Bigelow, Fonkych, and Hillestad. Promoting Health Information Technology: Is There A Case For More-Aggressive Government Action?. Health Affairs, 24(5):1234-45.
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Nationwide Privacy and Security Framework For Electronic Exchange of Individually Identifiable Health Information. December 2008.
Apr 7 Broadband Policy and Network Neutrality Tim Wu. The Broadband Debate: A User's Guide. Journal of Telecommunications and High Technology Law, Vol. 3, No. 69, 2004.
Federal Communications Commission. National Broadband Plan: Executive Summary. March 2010. (Full plan not required, but is available for the curious.)
Apr 14 Technology and Politics Joe Rospars. Video of invited lecture at Princeton, April 16, 2009.
Ari Melber. Year One of Organizing for America: The Permanent Field Campaign in a Digital Age. January 2010.
Kim Hart. Google, Facebook prepare for political ad bonanza in midterm elections. Hillicon Valley, April 4, 2010.
Apr 21 E-Government Beth Simone Noveck. Wiki-Government. Democracy, Winter 2008.
Dvid Robinson, Harlan Yu, William P. Zeller, and Edward W. Felten. Government Data and the Invisible Hand, Yale Journal of Law & Technology, Vol. 11, 2008.
Apr 28 Cybersecurity Wikipedia entries for computer virus, computer worm, botnet
CSIS Commission on Cybersecurity. Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency. December 2008.