Computer Science 116
The Computational Universe
Spring 2010

Princeton University
Computer Science Department

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Course Policies

Lab reports and homeworks are due at noon on the given date. They may be emailed to: . Lab reports are due Tuesday the week after the lab was finished. Homeworks are due Thursday.

Extensions will be available if you send email to the course staff at before the assignment/lab is due, explaining the circumstance that necessitates it. (Illness, absences due to sports, etc., must be documented with a note/email from a college administrator or suitable official.) Otherwise late homeworks/reports will receive 50% of the points (or even less if very late).

Missing a lab? If there is a reason you cannot attend a lab session one week, please send email to the course staff at explaining the circumstance and we will work out an alternative arrangement.

Collaboration policy: You may discuss the labs and assignments with other students, and you may ask for help from the professor or the TAs. However, you are not allowed to copy any part of another student’s answers.

Grades will be computed based on the following components in roughly the proportions shown: