Computer Science 226
Algorithms and Data Structures
Spring 2009

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Weekly exercises are due at the beginning of lecture on the date given. This list is tentative and is to be considered subject to change. Once the exercise moves above the "Exercises below have not yet been updated for Spring 2009" part of the table, no significant changes will be made.

1 Union find 2/9
2 Analysis of algorithms 2/9
3 Stacks and queues 2/16
4 Sorting 1 2/16
5 Sorting 2 2/23
6 Priority queues 3/2
7A Binary search trees 3/2
7B Red-black trees do not hand in
8 Hashing do not hand in
9 Undirected graphs 3/23
10 Directed graphs 3/30
11 MST 3/30
12 Shortest paths 4/6
13 Radix sort 4/6
14 Tries 4/13
15 Substring search 4/13
16 Data compression 4/20
16 Pattern matching 4/20
17 Geometric algorithms 4/27
18 Geometric search 4/27
Exercises below have not yet been updated for Spring 2009
19 Linear programming do not hand in
19 Reduction do not hand in

Grading policy. Grades on the problem set questions will be: 4 (correct), 3 (minor mistake), 2 (major mistake), 1 (poor try) or 0 (all wrong or not submitted). Also, some of the exam question will be based on the exercises, so it is to your advantage to complete these in a timely manner.

Lateness policy. Late exercises will not be accepted without a University-sanctioned excuse or approval by a preceptor.

Collaboration policy. You are permitted to work with up to two other classmates in any precept ( changed March 2009). All group members are responsible for jointly contributing to and understanding all parts of the exercise solutions. Submit one solution for the group, and be sure to include the names of all group members.