COS 426:
Computer Graphics
Spring 2008

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Final Project

Writeup due on Tuesday, May 13 at 11.59 PM

Presentations/Demos on Tuesday, May 13, 3 PM to 8.30 PM


The final project is a chance for students to build a system incorporating one or more idea that has been learned in class. Projects can be performed individually or in teams of two. The focus of the project can be anything of the student's choosing. However, typical examples include: animations with passive or active dynamics, interactive virtual environments, advanced photorealistic rendering algorithms, etc. A good topic will provide an opportunity for each student to implement something about the size of one course assignment and to demonstrate some creativity in the design and demonstration of the system. Of course, you are welcome to use code infrastructure provided in previous assignments and to get ideas from searches of the web and the literature. However, you should be very clear about which parts you did and what references you consulted.

Written Proposals (due April 28):

Each team of students should submit a one-page written project proposal.  The proposals should include enough detail to convince a reader that you've found a good problem, you understand how hard it is, you've mapped out a plan for how to attack it, and you have an idea about which experiments you might run to test the success of your implementation.  Following is a brief outline you might follow ...

Project Proposal Presentations (in class on April 29 and May 1):

Each team of students will give a 5-8 minute talk to present his/her course project proposal to the class (with slides, videos, and/or other props).  You should be sure to convince us that: 1) you are addressing an important problem, 2) you understand various approaches to the problem, 3) you have found an interesting approach to attack the problem, 4) you have a SPECIFIC, DETAILED plan, and 5) you will know when you are done. 5-8 minutes is a very short amount of time. So, please come with a presentation that is concise and to-the-point.  You probably want to use around 6 slides following the outline above.

Final Written Reports (due date May 13 11.59 PM):

Each team of students should submit written final report.  The written report should contain descriptions of the goals and execution of your project.  You should include a review of related work.  You should write detailed descriptions of the approach you've chosen, the implementation hurdles you've encountered, the features you've implemented, and any results you've generated.  Following is a brief outline you might follow ...

Demo Day (May 13, 3pm to 8.30 PM, at Rocky-Mathey Theater):

Each team of students will give a short presentation describing their class project.  Your goal should be to demonstrate and describe for the class in 10 minutes what you have done and why it is interesting.  In addition to running a live demo on one of the computers, you should describe the guts of your project, possibly using slides or other props.


Projects account for 20% of the final grade. Criteria include:

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