COS 333 Survey

Sat Jan 26 16:00:19 EST 2008

If you're planning to take COS 333 in Spring 2008, please fill out this survey. It will help me aim the course more accurately. Thanks.

Name, including preferred first name:


Class: '08 '09 '10 '11    grad     other:

Major (actual or planned):     aiming for CS certificate?

Courses taken/taking: 126 217 226 318 320 441

There are zillions of languages. What's your experience?
I'm fluent in these languages:
I can cope in these languages:
I'd like to learn more of these languages:

Software development experience for these operating systems?
Unix/Linux none little some lots
Winexperdows none little some lots
Mac OS X none little some lots

What computer(s) do you own? Windows PC Linux PC Mac

Programming or computing work experience

Any topics that you would like to hear about in class?

Anything that you don't want to hear about (and why)?

Any ideas on what kind of project you'd like to try?