COS 217 - Assignments

Programming Assignments

There will be weekly programming assignments, which will be due at 11:59pm on Monday. You are expected to submit your work (electronically) before this time. Late work will lose credit on the following scale:

No extensions will be granted, other than for medical reasons (with a doctor's note) or extremely extenuating circumstances. This policy best ensures fairness to all students. If you have a trip to make or a religious ceremony that week, please plan ahead and complete your assignments accordingly. If you have extremely extenuating circumstances, please discuss them with Prof. Cook as early as possible. However, please restrict your requests to serious extenuating circumstances, since all others will be denied.

All assignments should compile and run on arizona, not on phoenix

Programming, like composition, is an individual creative process. Individuals must reach their own understanding of the problem and discover a path to its solution. During this time, discussions with friends are encouraged. However, when the time comes to write the code that solves the problem, such discussions are no longer appropriate - the program must be your own work (although you may ask teaching assistants for help in debugging). If you have a question about how to use some feature of C, UNIX, etc., then you can certainly ask your friends or the teaching assistants.

Do not, under any circumstances, copy another person's program. Writing code for use by another or using another's code in any form violates the University's academic regulations.

Examples of unacceptable behavior include:

The program you turn in must be your work. You may get help from your preceptor or lab TAs after you have started writing code, but not from other students. The computer science assignments are not like physics or math problem sets: there is no single right answer. Each student is expected to come up with his or her own individual solution.

If you plan to do something that you are not absolutely sure is legal, ask one of us first. Ignorance of this policy will not be accepted as an excuse for your actions.

You are responsible for insuring your files are not readable by your classmates. We recommend doing all your CS217 work in a private subdirectory, i.e.:

% mkdir cs217
% chmod 700 cs217

How to get help

List of programming assignments

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