Final Project

Check out the project gallery for this semester!

The final project is due on Dean’s Date: May 3, 2022 at 5pm.

You may not use late days on any part of the final project. We will not accept any work after Dean’s Date without a Dean’s recommendation.

Please read the final project specification carefully and in full before you begin planning your final project.

To get started with your project implementation, check out the starter code and tutorials section of the project specification.

For inspiration, see some projects from Fall 2021!


Date Event Links
3/17 (Thu) 3pm Class meeting: Final project introduction and spec walkthrough Class meeting slides
3/31 (Thu) 3pm Class meeting (virtual): Ideation workshop with the Center for Digital Humanities Datasets handout
4/2 (Sat) 8pm Proposals due Proposal template
Sample proposal
4/6 (Wed) -
4/9 (Sat)
10-min proposal review meetings Sign-up sheet
4/16 (Sat) 8pm Proposal revisions (if required) due TigerFile
4/26 (Tue) 8pm Status update due TigerFile
5/3 (Tue) 5pm Dean’s date: Project implementation due Submission instructions
Google form