Programming Assignment Checklist: Hello World


Part of this assignment is to fill out the following brief questionnaire.


Regardless of the operating system that you choose, the goal of Assignment 0 is to make sure that you can:

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a checklist? The programming assignment specifies the general programming assignment. The checklist contains supplemental information, and you are expected to read it prior to submitting your work. Some examples include: links to any preliminary code, reference solutions, a readme.txt template, hints, and frequently asked questions.

What preparation do I need to complete this assignment? Read Section 2.1 and Section 2.2. (It's incorrectly numbered 2.1 and 2.1 in the packet.)

I don't understand all of the jargon in Should I drop the course? Absolutely not! We'll explain this in the first or second precept. Do the readings and and bring any lingering questions to the first precept.

It's the first week of class. Do I really need to start reading the text? Yes. Getting off to a good start will save you alot of energy in the long run. We recommend that you skim the first few sections of the text. If you don't understand something, email or visit your preceptor for assistance. Don't be bashful about asking for help.

Do I have to use JEdit? No, if you prefer another text editor, go right ahead. Be aware that we replace all tabs with four spaces so configure your text editor accordingly.

Is Java case-sensitive? Yes, uppercase and lowercase letters are different. class HelloWorld is not the same as clASS helloWorld. Furthermore, you must specify the file names with the proper case.

How should I read in user input for Use command line input and Integer.parseInt, as described in Section 2.2.

The template readme.txt file doesn't view properly in Notepad? Use JEdit instead.

When I submit my files, the submission system describes them as "ASCII C++ program textfile." Is that normal? Yes, apparently our submission system cannot distinguish between some C++ and Java files. Don't worry about it. Just be sure to hit the "Run Script" button to make sure it compiles.

How do I use the "Run Script" button? Click it. Note that it activates only after all of the required files have been submitted.

When I submit, the system does not seem to check off that I have submitted it. Why not? Be sure the file is named The capatilization and .java extension are important. Also, be aware that JEdit creates backup files with a .java~ extension, so be sure that you don't submit these. If you use Windows, we recommend configuring your system to show the filetype extensions.

When I go to submit my files, my browser asks me whether I should accept a "security certificate." How should I proceed? Accept it permanently. We need to establish a secure connection so that you can submit assignments and check grades with reasonable privacy.

IE annoys me about the security certificate each time I login, even though I told it to accept it permanently? Load the root certificate by clicking the appropriate option at the bottom of the Whiteboard menubar.

Why do you use Whiteboard instead of Blackboard? The main reason is that processing large numbers of electronic submissions in Blackboard is not feasible. Blackboard also tracks and reports course usage on a student-by-student basis, which some students find overly invasive. With Whiteboard, you do not need to login except to submit assignments and check grades. If you have any suggestions on improving Whiteboard (other than the poor menubar organization), please let us know.


Submission. All assignments submissions are electronic. Here are some guidelines.

readme.txt. The readme.txt file is a narrative description of the work you did on your program. This is the first thing the grader will read. Each week, we'll provide a template readme file. Here are some guidelines:


Here's the ACM Hello World Page. It contains everyone's first program in over 200 programming languages.

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