Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 217
Introduction to Programming Systems

Thomas Funkhouser

Spring 2003

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General Information

Course Summary

The purpose of this course is to provide the fundamental background necessary to understand, design and implement the components of programming systems. Examples of such components include text editors, assemblers, compilers, loaders, interpreters, and portions of operating systems. The course is divided into three major parts, machine organization and assembly language programming, program design and development, and software tools.

Administrative Information

Lecture: MW 10:00AM - 10:50AM : CS 105

Precept 01: TTh 1:30PM - 2:20PM : Friend Center 110

Precept 02: MW 1:30PM - 2:20PM : Friend Center 111

Precept 03: TTh 10:00AM -10:50AM : Friend Center 110

Professor: Thomas Funkhouser : CS 422 : 258-1748 :
Office Hours: M,W 11-12, or by appointment

Preceptor: Robert Dondero : CS 206 : 258-2211 :
Office Hours: MTWTh 2:30-3:20, or by appointment

Undergraduate Coordinator: Tina McCoy : CS 410 : 258-1746 :


COS 126. In particular, you should know the material in Chapters 1-9, 11-14, and 16.1-3 of the King textbook.





Note: You may use different editions of the books, but if so then you are responsible for figuring out any changes in section numbers for the readings.

Academic Regulations

The Policies regarding collaboration and plagiarism are similar to those in COS 126. Please read them.