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Schedule and Readings

Spring 2002

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Lab Assignments

Click on the lab name in the schedule below to reach the lab assignment for the week. Students must complete each lab by 5PM Friday in the week it is assigned unless there are extraordinary circumstances and/or prior arrangements.
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Problem Sets

Click on the problem set number in the schedule below to reach the problem set due that week. Problem sets are due by 5 PM on Thursdays. No credit will be given for late assignments, unless there are extraordinary circumstances and/or prior arrangements. Problem sets should be submitted by putting them in the collection box near the mailboxes in the lobby of the second floor of the Computer Science building. If you wish to submit a problem set early, you may bring it to lecture.


Subject to change. Be sure to check readings and assignments for changes up to a week before due.

Note: I've moved the older parts of the schedule HERE

lab prob. set due date Topics Readings

Tue 3/26 Operating Systems
Problem Set 5 Thu 3/28 Networking and the Internet

Lab 6 Tue 4/2 Programming I
Problem Set 6 Thu 4/4 Programming II

Tue 4/9 Algorithms
Problem Set 7
Due Today by 5:PM
Thu 4/11 Algorithms II

Lab 7
Due 4/19 by 5:PM
Tue 4/16 What Computers Can't Do
NONE THIS WEEK Thu 4/18 Cryptography

Lab 8 Tue 4/23 Social factors in computing,
The Digital Divide SPECIAL GUEST!!
Problem Set 8 Thu 4/25 TOPIC TBA

Tue 4/30 Artificial Intelligence
Problem Set 9 Thu 5/2 Review
Review Sessions: To be announced.
Final Exam To Be Announced