COS 126 Old Exams

Fall 1997 Midterm 1  
Fall 1997 Midterm 2  
Fall 1997 Final solutions
Fall 1998 Midterm 1  
Fall 1998 Midterm 2 solutions
Fall 1998 Final solutions
Spring 1999 Midterm 1 solutions
Spring 1999 Midterm 2 solutions
Spring 1999 Final solutions
Fall 1999 Midterm 1 solutions
Fall 1999 Midterm 2 solutions
Fall 1999 Final solutions
Spring 2000 Midterm 1 solutions
Spring 2000 Midterm 2 solutions
Spring 2000 Final solutions
Fall 2000 Midterm 1 solutions
Fall 2000 Midterm 2 solutions
Fall 2000 Final solutions
Spring 2001 Midterm 1 solutions
Spring 2001 Midterm 2 solutions
Spring 2001 Final solutions

A good way to prepare for an exam is to solve old exam questions. The course packet includes some of these. Here are questions and solutions to some old exams.

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