Problem Set Number 4
Computer Science 111

Due by 5 PM, Friday Feb 25, 2000

1. From the text, Chapter 3 exercise 25 (p. 111)

2. Chapter 3 exercise 28 (p. 112)

3. Chapter 4 exercise 3 (p. 166)

4. Chapter 4 exercise 8 (p. 166)

5. Suppose each letter in your textbook is represented by an 8-bit byte in ASCII code. Ignoring pictures, shading, formatting, etc., please estimate very roughly how many bytes it would take to represent the entire book. Briefly explain how you arrived at your estimate. Then, figure out how many books of that size could fit on a typical contemporary PC's hard disk, which has capacity 10 gigabytes. (One gigabyte is one billion bytes.)