Lab 6
Part 1

Lab 6: Sound and Multimedia representations

By the end of this lab, you will be able to:

In this lab we explore the manipulation of sound -- the other half of audio-visual media (we did graphics in Lab 4). Sound is an integral part of many web pages; using the appropriate tools, you can turn your web site into a true multimedia experience.

In this lab we also take time to explore how the amount of data saved affects the quality of a sound or picture. While working with sound, you will explore the different qualities of sound available and the amount of storage required when using the different alternatives. Then you will return to the visual world and experiment with compression of images.

Page 1: Introduction (this page)
Page 2: Windows' Sound Programs
Page 3: GoldWave
Page 4: Image Compression
Page 5: Finishing up and Shutting down