Lab 6
Part 5

Finishing up and shutting down

Submitting your work

This week we'd like you to place each of the sound files and image files that we asked you to save in your public_html directory and create a new HTML file (not your home page) with links to these sounds and images. Recall that sound links are created by typing

replacing "filename.wav" with the name of the desired file. We would also like you to put in the HTML file some text to explain what you have done.

These are the files to which you should have links and the explanations you should include in the HTML file:

Here's a template that you can use to help create your HTML file for submission.

Send an email to with the URL
( of the HTML file.

Transferring saved work

If you saved anything on the Desktop, be sure to transfer it to the public_html folder of your drive.

Logging off of Windows NT

If you've completed the lab, sent your email to and transferred your work to your Unix account, then you are finished and ready to log off of Windows NT. Choose either of the following ways to do this:

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