Lab 4
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Lab 4: Computer Graphics

By the end of this lab, you will be able to:

Have you ever wished that you could make your own pictures and buttons, logos and background images for your web page instead of mixing and matching the ones you've found on the Web? This lab will show you how.

First, you'll get a little bit of background information about what pixels are, how image files are compressed etc. This will help you understand some of the lingo you'll hear later on. Next, you'll begin creating your own images with a program called Paint Shop Pro. It has lots of great built-in functions to help you create professional-looking graphics in no time.

Once you're comfortable with Paint Shop, you can try out your skills in photo retouching -- pasting your face onto someone else's body. Finally, you'll create an image map (a web graphic where different clickable parts lead to different pages) for your homepage.

Page 1: Introduction (this page)
Page 2: How digital images work
Page 3: Creating your own images
Page 4: Using image filters
Page 5: Face pasting
Page 6: Creating image maps
Page 7: Submitting your work and Logging off