Reading Assignment and Discussion Topics
Computer Science 111

for class on Tuesday April 11, 2000

Please read Chapter 13 of the Schneider and Gersting text, and the first chapter, "That Dinkum Thinkum," of Heinlein's classic The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (a copy may be attached to this sheet and is certainly available in the homework hand-in bin, or on the bookshelf of any sufficiently geeky friend). Be prepared to discuss the following:

Today we will discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI): the attempt, in the short term, to program computers so that they exhibit "intelligent" behavior, and in the long term, to make machines that are as intelligent as people. Some people believe that the long-term effort will ultimately succeed; others believe it to be impossible. Here are some views:

What are your views on this? Do you think that someday computers will be able to do all of the "intelligent" tasks that people can do? Has Heinlein's Mike reached this goal?