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Computer Graphics, Fall 99

Thomas Funkhouser

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Programming Assignments

Art Contest

For each of the assignments (except 0) there will be an art contest. There are three categories in which you may submit art work: general, characters, and bloopers.

In the general category, you may submit any art work of any size that somehow used your program from the assignment.

For the character category, you should submit an image of a specific character (the letter "C" for assignment 1, "O" for assignment 2, followed "S", "4", "2", and "6"). The image has to be 100 pixels wide and 200 pixels high.

In the blooper category, please submit any funny-looking pictures that you created by accident due to bugs or logical errors.

For each category, a winner will be chosen each time, and posted on the web pages. You may submit in all three categories if you wish, but the total number of optional points that you may receive for art work is 2.

How to Submit

Submit your solutions to the programming assignments electronically using the command
% /u/cs426/bin/submit number files
where number is the assignment number, and files is the list of files for that assignment. For example:
% /u/cs426/bin/submit 31 README Makefile main.c strings.c
submits the files README, Makefile, main.c, and strings.c for a fictitious assignment 31. The submit command copies your files to the directory
and lists all the files that you have submitted for assignment number. login is your user account name. If you execute submit after the assignment deadline, your files are placed in directory number_late. You can run submit more than once, and you can submit partial lists of files.

There's also unsubmit, which allows you to "unsubmit" one or more files. For example,

% /u/cs426/bin/unsubmit 31 main.c
would remove your main.c from the submission directory. You can omit the /u/cs426/bin/ prefix if you add /u/cs426/bin/ to your PATH variable. You must execute submit on one of the MECA workstations.

Late Policy

Assignments are due at 11:59PM on the due date. Late assignments are marked down 1/3 per day. One minute late is the same as one day late. You are given 1 bonus day to cover the first time you are 1 day late. Exceptions will be given only in extreme circumstances, only in advance, and only by the Professor.

Collaboration Policy

All work must be your own. You may discuss the assignments with your classmates but you must write your own code. If you borrow code from any source, be it Graphics Gems, or somewhere on the web, or a friend, or anything else, you must state this in your assignment. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. If you have any question about what you can and cannot do, please contact the Professor.


We will be using the facilities of MECA, the former ICGL, for the programming assignments. Please do not use the graphics lab (418) in the CS building for working on your projects. It is intended for research projects only.