Submissions for Assignment 4

anoopg: Anoop Gupta

Periodic displacement to sample points:
annopg1.jpg (12595 bytes)

Periodic displacement to scale factor:
annopg2.jpg (20038 bytes)

Bump mapping:
annopg3.jpg (19769 bytes)

Art contest:
 annopg4.jpg (20306 bytes)

chizhang: Chi Zhang

Nice shape and pigmentation:
chizhang1.jpg (24896 bytes)

Art contest:
chizhang2.jpg (79734 bytes)

dfussell: David A. Fussell

Art contest:
dfussel1.jpg (86196 bytes)

dingliu: Ding Liu

Shell with texture:
dingliu1.gif (45969 bytes)

Periodic displacement to sample points:
dingliu2.gif (45103 bytes)

Crusty appearance:
dingliu3.gif (46887 bytes)

douglast: Douglas R. Turnbull

Basic shell:
douglast1.gif (6399 bytes)

Texture mapped:
douglast2.gif (13558 bytes)

With displacement on sample points:
douglast3.gif (7716 bytes)

With scale displacement:
douglast4.gif (6520 bytes)

With bump mapping:
douglast5.gif (8570 bytes)

Another sample:
douglast6.gif (39408 bytes)

Art contest (point and scale displacements, and bump mapping):
douglast7.gif (20132 bytes)

Tasmanian devil:
douglast8.gif (40923 bytes)

The millennium shell:
douglast9.gif (107250 bytes)

eoranska: Elena Oranskaya

Sample shell:
eoranska1.jpg (34756 bytes)

Art contest:
eoranska2.jpg (32640 bytes)

jimpercy: James N. Percy

Texture mapping and ribs:
jimpercy.jpg (45307 bytes)

With a familiar texture:
jimpercy2.jpg (45534 bytes)

jperry: Jason M. Perry

jperry1.jpg (28406 bytes)

Vortex-like interior of a shell:
jperry2.jpg (34991 bytes)

jrybacki: Joseph R. Rybacki

Blooper - the flower shell:jrybacki1.gif (131603 bytes)

kmulcahy: Kathleen P. Mulcahy

Blooper (kaleidoscope):
kmulcahy1.gif (116682 bytes)

mbostock: Michael C. Bostock

Ray traced shell:
mbostock1.jpg (18265 bytes)

With curve points and scaling displacements:
mbostock2.jpg (17433 bytes)

With reparameterization:
mbostock3.jpg (22485 bytes)

mbostock4.jpg (23134 bytes)

mctagart: Casey B. McTaggart

Shell with texture:
mctagart1.jpg (79929 bytes)

Shell with displacements:
mctagart2.jpg (38114 bytes)

Shell with texture and displacements:
mctagart3.jpg (71177 bytes)

Art contest:
mctagart4.jpg (50072 bytes)

mikeredd: Michael J. Redd

Blooper - crazy snowflake:
mikeredd1.gif (55677 bytes)

Shell with texture:
mikeredd2.gif (40622 bytes)

Shell with displacements:
mikeredd3.gif (55399 bytes)

Art contest:
mikeredd4.gif (62282 bytes)

mkazhdan: Michael M. Kazhdan

Shell with displacements and texture (Monalisa):
mkazhdan1.jpg (15853 bytes)

mzhang: Ming Zhang

Ray traced shell:
mzhang1.jpg (50742 bytes)


neilshah: Neil P. Shah

Shell with texture and displacements:
neilshah1.gif (40780 bytes)

Art contest:
neilshah2.gif (26375 bytes)

pjluongo: Peter J. Luongo

Shell with ubiquitous texture:
pjluongo1.gif (30387 bytes)

Shell with bump mapping:
pjluongo2.gif (55515 bytes)

The crusting function at work:
pjluongo3.gif (88499 bytes)

pjluongo4.gif (91977 bytes)

robevans: Robert M. Evans

Art contest:
robevans1.jpg (42578 bytes)

rusty: Samuel H. Coleman

Shell with texture:
rusty1.jpg (22660 bytes)

Frenet frame aligned shell:
rusty2.jpg (23929 bytes)

Alternate alignment:
rusty3.jpg (19808 bytes)

Ray traced shell:
rusty4.jpg (25212 bytes)

thlui: Terrence H. Lui

Crazy funk shell:
tkhui1.jpg (101067 bytes)

twhilton: Timothy W. Hilton

Shell with texture and displacements:
twhilton1.jpg (44638 bytes)

xiaoyang: Xiao Yang

Shell with displacements and texture:
xiaoyang1.jpg (106169 bytes)

Shell with reparameterization:
xiaoyang2.jpg (90640 bytes)

Art contest:
xiaoyang3.jpg (95586 bytes)