COS426 - Project #2 - Results
OpenGL Scene
Art Contest Submissions


anoopg - Anoop Gupta

dnlennon  Dustin N. Lennon

douglast  Douglas R. Turnbull

jimpercy  James N. Percy
Download the animation!!!

"Who da' man?"

jperry  Jason M. Perry

"Life of a graduate Student"

jwwilmer  John W. Wilmer

kmulcahy  Kathleen P. Mulcahy

mbostock  Michael C. Bostock

mctagart  Casey B. McTaggart

mikeredd  Michael J. Redd

"The House of Funk and the Spheres of Doom"

neilshah  Neil P. Shah

pjluongo  Peter J. Luongo

"22578 Glasses of Beer"

"22578 Glasses of Beer - A first attempt"

robevans  Robert M. Evans

rusty  Samuel H. Coleman

sahabig  Scott A. Habig