Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Offered in

Computer Science 436
Human-Computer Interface Technology

Perry Cook

San Jose State Engineering

Stanford CS and CCRMA

Fall 1998

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Covers design and interfacing of computer input and output systems. Standard (mouse, keyboard, joystick, etc.) and new (head trackers, music controllers, gloves, etc.) input devices. Signal processing, feature extraction, and mapping schemes will also be covered. Output mediums will include graphics, music, and 3-D sound. Hands-on laboratories and independent projects, which can potentially continue as independent research in following terms. Course will be taught in conjunction with other universities, with expert lecturers from other sites. Prerequisites COS 217 or ELE 318.

General Information

Lectures: T,Th at 12:00pm-12:50pm, room 302 CS.

Professor: Perry Cook, 408 CS Building, 258-4951, prc@cs

TA: John Hainsworth 216 CS Building, hains@cs