Princeton University
Computer Science Department

COS 516 / ELE 516
Automated Reasoning about Software

Aarti Gupta

Fall 2020

General Information | Schedule | Policies

Policy on Class Recording

We will be recording our class sessions for students who are unable to attend. You may choose to opt out of any recording, in which case you should contact us to arrange alternative ways to participate. Faculty own the copyright to their instructional materials, and so students should not record any class sessions without permission from the instructor. For this same reason, recordings of our class will not be posted online or shared with anyone other than students enrolled in this course.

Transcripts and Captions in Class Recording

The recordings may include automatically generated transcripts or captions, which you might find to be helpful. However, please understand that in general, automatic transcript and caption accuracy level is approximately 80%. Accordingly, caution should be exercised in relying upon the transcript or captions as opposed to tuning into the audio component of the instruction. Assessments of your content knowledge will be based upon the content that is delivered visually and auditorily.

Homework Assignments, Class Project

The policy is similar to COS 510 (and other COS courses).

For homework assignments, discussions with others are permitted, where the goal is to aid your understanding. However, the submitted work/code should be entirely your own.

For code submissions, please also submit a README file where you should name the individuals that you received help from or provided help to. Also briefly mention the nature of the help you received or provided.

For the class project, you can work in teams of two. Discussions with your team-mate and with others are permitted.

For any of these (homework assignments, class project, exams), please DO NOT copy or get solutions from resources outside the current course offering.

If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss these policies with the instructor.

Late Policy

The Late Policy for homework assignments is as follows:


We encourage you to attend the lectures and to participate actively in the course. These will be components of your Participation grade.

Exam Conduct

Conduct during in-class exams is covered by the University Honor Code.


Your final grade will be weighted as follows:

Component Weight
Homework Assignments 40%
Class Project 30%
Midterm Exam 25%
Participation 5%