All assignments are due at 11:59pm on the due date, except the last assignment, which is due at 4:59pm at the traditional Dean's Date deadline.

Please see the course info page for information about late penalties. The last assignment may NOT be submitted late.

Do not begin work on assignments in this class until you have read and understood the course collaboration policy.

Please do not start assignment until the "assigned" date in the table below. We may be updating/changing the assignments before that time. Note: timing and due dates of assignments are not absolutely fixed and may be adjusted to accord with material covered in lecture and precept.

Number Link Assigned Due Submit
1 Easy as Pi W 9/12 W 9/19 Tigerfile 1
2 Boxoffice Trivia W 9/19 W 9/26 Tigerfile 2
3 Map and Caml-Mathica W 9/26 W 10/3 Tigerfile 3
4 Interpreter and Program Correctness W 10/3 W 10/17 Tigerfile 4
5 Moogle F 10/26 W 11/21 Tigerfile 5
6 Lazy Programming W 11/21 W 12/5 Tigerfile 6
7 Data-Parallel Programming R 12/13 T 1/15
Dean's Date
Tigerfile 7

The projected weights for assignments 1-7 are: [5; 10; 10; 20; 20; 15; 20]. The total is 100% of the assignment grade, which makes up 60% of the overall grade in the course. Because the assignments may be updated, the final weighting among assignments may change to reflect modified scope or difficulty.