Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 375
Computer Architecture

Margaret Martonosi

Fall 2016

Course Description

An introduction to computer architecture and organization. Instruction set design; basic processor implementation techniques; performance measurement; caches and virtual memory; pipelined processor design; RISC architectures; design trade-offs among cost, performance, and complexity.


  • This web page just gives basic overview information for COS375/ELE375. Additional info/assignments/interaction will be via Piazza as well as the course's Blackboard site. Welcome! -MRM
  • Text

    Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface by David Patterson and John Hennessy. Fifth edition. See Piazza page for supplemental reading and links.

    Administrative Information

    Lectures: MW 1330-1450, Room: Aaron Burr Hall, Room 219

    Professor: Margaret Martonosi - 410 CS Building - Office Hours: after class or sign up for WASS appointment.

    Undergraduate Coordinator: Colleen Kenny-McGinley - 210 CS Building - 258-1746