COS Independent Work Seminar

Analyzing relationship networks:
social networks and beyond

Fall 2015

General Information:

Instructor: Andrea LaPaugh,
                    Office hours Mondays 2:30-4:30 in CS304
Teaching Assistant: Mehmet Basbug,
                    Office hours Tuesdays between 1:30pm and 2:30pm in the common area next to CS244
Meeting time and place: Fridays 1:30-2:50PM, Room 301 Computer Science Building
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Information is not only found in objects such as HTML documents, databases or images, but in the relationships between objects. The person-to-person interactions captured by social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent examples of the rich source of information provided by relationships. However the class of relationships containing useful information is much broader than friends and followers. Some examples include the win-lose relationship between sports teams and the contact relationship of individuals with respect to the spread of disease. The tools of social network analysis can be applied broadly to discover useful information about relative strengths, pivotal roles, community structure, and other properties within a set of related objects. It can be combined with other data mining techniques for deeper analysis. This independent work seminar will support projects in social network analysis. The typical project will focus on a particular collection of data containing relationships (possibly compiled from multiple sources), formulate a set of question about the data, and apply social network analysis to answer the questions. Projects that develop new analysis techniques are also possible. The seminar will provide background in social network analysis, resource lists of tools and datasets, and, most importantly, the opportunity for students to discuss their work and problem solve together. Some projects from past years using social network analysis: ''Connecting Congress: An Analysis of Congress as a Social Network,'' ''An Analysis of Public Bicycle Sharing Programs''

Keywords: social network analysis, graph properties, data mining, metadata

Schedule (Updated):

Date Topic Notes
Sept 18
 Information meeting for all IW students NEW TIME! 12:30-1:30PM, CS 104 ( Large Aud.)
First seminar meeting: Introduction

Sept 25 Develop project plans
Oct 2
Develop project plans
Oct 6

Written proposals due
Oct 9
Proposal talks I everyone hand in proposal talk slides
Oct 16 Proposal talks II
Oct 23 Proposal talks III and discussion
Oct 30 Discussion and feedback
Nov 6
Fall break

Tues Nov 10
Checkpoint form due
Nov 13 Discussion and feedback Draft of bibliography due
Nov 20
Discussion and feedback Draft of related work due
Nov 27 Thanksgiving break

Dec 4
Discussion and feedback Draft of introduction due; draft of approach highly recommended
Dec 11
Report talks I Report talk slides due
Tues Dec 15

Draft of approach due;  submit as much of paper as can for feedback
Dec 18 Report talks II
Jan 5
Written final report due
Jan 11 Poster session for all IW students Convocation Room (Friend Center), 10AM-1PM




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