Computer Science 226
Algorithms and Data Structures
Spring 2013

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After each lecture, a summary of the most important topics from each lecture, as well as a set of optional advanced exercises will be posted on this study guide page. These exercises are not required.


The exercises are available via Blackboard for COS226_F2013. There is one set of exercises associated with each lecture; for most weeks, there will be two sets of exercises assigned. As set of exercises consists of three drill questions, designed to ensure that you understand the basics. Ability to complete the drill exercises does not demonstrate mastery of a topic! You'll most likely need to do more if you want to earn a high grade in the class. Suggested exercises can be found in the study guide. All readings refer to Algorithms, 4th edition by R. Sedgewick and K. Wayne unless otherwise specified.

Submission policy.  The exercises are available in Blackboard. Be sure to follow the formatting requirements (e.g., separate entries by a single space and no leading or trailing whitespace) exactly or the autograder will mark your answer as wrong.

Lateness policy. Blackboard exercises are due at 11pm on the date specified. There is a 3 hour grace period. Late exercises will be accepted only with the recommendation of a Dean or a letter from McCosh Health Center.

Grading policy. You may attempt each exercise set up to ten times. We will record your best score. You will receive a different set of questions on each attempt and we will provide solutions and explanations after each attempt. In calculating your course grade, we will drop your lowest two exercise scores. If you do not complete your submission within 5 hours of starting, then your current work will be automatically submitted.

Collaboration policy. You must complete the specific exercise questions (that are randomly assigned to you in Blackboard) entirely on your own, with no help from others. However, you are permitted to discuss the specific exercise questions after you have submitted them. To do so, you should post the entire question and answer, including the seed (which is used by the course staff to uniquely identify the question) and the explanation.