Computer Science 597B
Interactive Music Systems
Fall 2012

Princeton University
Computer Science Department

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Description and Objectives

We will explore challenges in designing, deploying, and evaluating interactive human-computer systems for music composition, performance, education, entertainment, and research. The foundation of this reading- and discussion-oriented course will be current academic research in computer science and computer music; we will also discuss significant artistic works and relevant commercial systems. The course will include a final research or software development project of the student's choosing.

Upon completion of the course, students will:


The course is open to any interested graduate students, and to undergraduates with instructor permission.

Topics discussed in the course will be related to areas including music technology, contemporary music performance practice, music theory, musicology, machine learning, signal processing, human-computer interaction, and interaction design, among others. It is unlikely that any student will come to the course with significant experience in all of these areas. That said, having some experience (e.g., a course at the 300-level or above, or extracurricular practice) in at least some of these areas is desirable. If you haven't had any exposure to any of these topics, you may have to put in some extra time catching up.

Part of the fun of the course will be to draw on the ideas and experiences of a diverse set of students. While all final projects should aim for a publishable contribution to the field of music technology, beyond that, there will be considerable leeway to tailor projects to students' backgrounds and goals.

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