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Computer Science 318
Operating Systems

Kai Li

Fall 2012

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Course Summary

An introduction to operating systems. Emphasis is on the fundamentals of how to design and implement an operating system. Topics include operating system structure, processes, threads, synchronizations, concurrent programming, interprocess communications, virtual memory, I/O device management, and file systems.

Administrative Information

Lectures: Tue & Thu 13:30-14:50, Bowen Hall 222 (except 9/18 and 9/20 in McCosh room 10)

Precepts: Tue 19:30-20:20, Computer Science Building 104

Professor: Kai Li, Computer Science Building 321,  Phone: 8-4637, Email: li at cs

Office Hours: Tue 15:00-17:00 or by appointment, in Computer Science Building 321

Undergraduate Coordinator:

Colleen Kenny-McGuinley, Computer Science Building 210, Phone: 8-1746, Email:

Teaching Assistants:





Office hours

Aaron Blankstein


CS building 317

Friday 1:30-3:30pm (Friend 010)

Scott Erickson


CS building 003

Thursday 3-5pm (Friend 010)

Yida Wang


CS building 318

Friday 3-5pm (Friend 010)


Lab Teaching Assistants: Michael Franklin, Ilias Glechaskiel, Amy Ousterhout, and Leonardo Stedile.  Their hours are specified on the project page.



COS 217 and 226 or instructor's permission.


Main: Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall., 2008.

Additional: Thomas Anderson and Michael Dahlin, Operating Systems: Principles and Practice, Beta Edition.  Recursive Books, Ltd. 2012.



To help all students deal with the impact of the storm, project 3 due will be extended by one day.  See more details on Piazza.


The main venue for course announcements and questions will be Piazza: [Enroll in Piazza forum here]

As a backup, some course announcements may be distributed through the course's listserv: [subscribe here].


All students need to enable UNIX account.  The instructions can be found here. 


Lectures on 9/18 and 9/20 will be in McCosh room 10 (due to NSF site visit meetings in Bowen Hall).


COS 318: Operating Systems
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