COS-597B, Fall 2010: Future Datacenter Networks and Systems

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1/9/11: HotCRP submission site opened for project papers.
12/15: Papers (6 pages excluding references) due on Deans' Date (January 11).

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Course considers new approaches to performance, efficiency, consistency, robustness, availability, and scalability. Internet services run out of datacenters form the core of online experiences today. These datacenters have reached hundreds of thousands of servers, and modern distributed services can be spread over dozens of datacenters worldwide. This presents new challenges at the application, infrastructure, and network layers.

Prerequisites and requirements:   Open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates, but some systems and/or networking background is required (COS 318 and COS 461, or equivalents).

Paper reading and reviewing:   A major part of this seminar with be reading and responding to recent research papers in the area. Responses will be of a "program committee review" style, and we are running this process through conference management software, found at:


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