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Advanced Computer Graphics, Fall 2010

Programming Assignment 2: Laplacian Meshes

Due on Friday, Oct 29 at 11:59PM

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In this assignment you will implement a Laplacian mesh representation and use it for several applications. The following is a list of features that you may implement -- the features in bold face are required, and the others are optional. In addition to implementing these features, you should submit an image generated by your program to the art contest. The winner will get extra credit and a note on the course web page.

To get started, you can use the code in ( This C++ code provides the basic infrastructre for a Laplacian mesh class (R3LaplacianMesh.cpp) that can read and write files in off, ply, and obj formats. It also provides a simple program (lap) for editing meshes and viewing properties on meshes. You will probably need to augment this program to include command line arguments of your own to turn on and off specific features and/or provide parameters for specific applications.

What to Submit

You should submit one zip file named (i.e. with the following internal directory structure:

writeup.html should be an HTML document demonstrating the effects of the features you have implemented. There should be one "section" per feature. with a brief description of what you implemented and some images showing your results. For all features, it is sufficient to include images of your input and output -- you do not have to submit the mesh files. Wherever possible, you should show results for at least two sets of inputs.

The src directory should have all code required to compile and link your program (including the files provided with the assignment), along with a Visual Studio Solution file and a Makefile to rebuild the code.

Please submit images in JPEG format to save space. Also, to further save space, please remove binaries and backup files from the src directory (i.e., run make distclean (under Mac OS) and execute "Clean Solution" on the "Build menu" in MS Visual Studio) before submitting.

Useful resources