COS 432: Information Security

Fall 2010

General information


The schedule is subject to change. Please re-check this page periodically.

Date Lecture topic Homework Due
Mon 20 Sep Message integrity and pseudorandom functions
Wed 22 Sep Randomness, pseudorandomness, and stream ciphers
Mon 27 Sep Block ciphers
Wed 29 Sep Public-key cryptography Homework 1 due
Mon 4 Oct Key exchange and key management
Wed 6 Oct Authenticating people
Mon 11 Oct Access control Homework 2 due
Wed 13 Oct Information flow
Mon 18 Oct Memory safety
Wed 20 Oct Web attacks and defenses (1) Homework 3 due
Mon 25 Oct Spam
Wed 27 Oct Web attacks and defenses (2) Homework 4 due
Mon 8 Nov Electronic voting
Wed 10 Nov Trusted Computing: hardware support for platform security Homework 5 due
Mon 15 Nov Network security: protecting the infrastructure
Wed 17 Nov Firewalls and virtual private networks
Mon 22 Nov E-commerce security: on-line systems Homework 6 due
Wed 24 Nov Research talk: cold-boot attacks
Mon 29 Nov E-Commerce Security: off-line systems
Wed 1 Dec Guest lecture: Prof. Andrew Appel
Fri 3 Dec Homework 7 due at 11:00 AM
Mon 6 Dec Anonymous and private communication
Wed 8 Dec Privacy on the Web
Mon 13 Dec Privacy, databases, and analytics
Wed 15 Dec Economics of security
Thu 16 Dec Homework 8 due at 11:00 PM
Wed 19 Jan Final Exam, in Friend 101, 1:30-4:30 PM
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