COS 126 Exam 2 Information, Fall 2009


There will be a Q+A Wednesday night, December 16, 8:00-10:00pm, Room CS 105.

The precept before the exam will be devoted to Q+A and review.

Rules: Written exam.

Rules: Programming exam.

Material covered.

The written part of the exam (in lecture) covers all of the above. It will be multiple-choice or short answer questions on the important material. The best way to prepare for this part of the exam is to read the book and to study the lecture notes.

The second part of the exam in precept is strictly about programming. You will be asked to write a program from scratch (a mini programming assignment). Given the time limitation, this program will not be conceptually difficult, just a test of your ability to write a program that solves a simple problem. The best way to prepare for this part of the exam is to work a few of the easy exercises in the book and on the booksite that call for writing small programs.

List of topics.

This list is a summary of the main topics on the exam, for your use as a checklist when studying. Do you understand the basic ideas behind each of these topics? Do you know the names and contributions of the major players? If not, reread the appropriate sections in the book and lecture slides.