COS 109 Survey Results 2009

Tue Sep 22 16:51:42 EDT 2009

Here are the survey results, with a fair amount of double counting and transcription errors. With about 100 out of 115 people heard from:

Your year:

27 frosh, 37 soph, 15 junior, 35 senior (plus 2 misc and 9 community auditors).

Your major or likely or possible major: a great spread of departments, including the ever-popular UNK.

ENG 16, HIS 13, ECO 10, POL 8, PSY 6, COM 6, ART 5, CLA 5, MOL 5, WWS 4, UNK 4, PHI 4, MUS 4, MUS 4, ANT 4, SOC 3, REL 3, EEB 2, ARC 2, FRE 2, EAS 1

Your life outside class, e.g., sports, music, theater, service, job, sleep, ...:

Lots of varsity and club sports, a wide variety of service activities, music in its myriad forms, writing in various venues, theater and dance and the like, work, and some wishful thinking about getting enough sleep. A word of warning for anyone with heavy time commitments, especially if they involve travel: there are weekly problem sets and labs in 109, and you only get two extensions, so please plan ahead.

Your computer experience: Fairly constant from year to year:

a lot 4, some 35, a little 38, none 22
What kind of computer(s) do you have here? (Some people reported two.)
PC 37, Mac 75
The Mac fraction has increased steadily over the past few years. Last year it was about 52%; this time it's 67%. We can talk about why.

What kind of cell phone(s) do you have?

iPhone 21, other smartphone 30, regular phone 47
It's intriguing that there are so many non-iPhone smartphones; perhaps I should have spelled out what that meant to me. In any case, the iPhone number is way higher than last year.

Who is your cell phone provider?

AT&T 43, Verizon 44, T-Mobile 5, Sprint 4 (and a couple of others.
AT&T achieved parity with Verizon this year, perhaps because iPhone users are locked into AT&T; we will talk about why.

How happy are you with them?

reasonably happy 91, pretty unhappy 7
Happiness rises each year. There was some correlation, albeit with a small sample, between "unhappy" and the two small carriers.

Do you have an e-book reader like a Kindle?

Kindle 6, other 1
This bit of technology clearly hasn't caught on yet.

Are there any topics you would especially like to hear about in class?

web, policy issues, privacy, programming and languages, Google (with or without search), copyright, DRM, intellectual property, phones, viruses, cryptography, history, and lots of others. We'll touch on a lot of these, with considerable detail on some, and if people ask questions at the right moment, we can go deeper in to some.

These are the popular lab times, counting first and second choices. Not sure yet which ones we'll cover, but it will be most of these.

1:30-4:20 PM 7:30-10:20 PM
Monday 22 38
Tuesday 17 32
Wednesday 10 27
Thursday 16 17
Friday 21