COS-597B, Fall 2008: Systems and Networking for Virtual Worlds

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12/16: Presentations
Students will give 15 minute "research question" presentations. Normal class time of 10-12am in room 402.
12/3: Colloquia on Virtual Worlds
See Vladlen Koltun from Stanford talk about Meru, a virtual worlds system they are building. Wednesday, 12/3, at 4pm in CS 105. Abstract.

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Virtual worlds (VWs) are networked virtual environments writ large, simulating interactions between users' avatars in three-dimensional spaces. They fall across the spectrum of interaction, from highly-configurable social environments such as Second Life, to massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft.

This graduate seminar will consider the systems and networking aspects of building such services, with a special focus on consistency, scalability, optimizations for massive environments, security, and service federation. A few selected topics may include non-systems material, such as user content creation.

Students will be required to read related research literature, with a special eye on applying proposed techniques and architectures to the VW setting. Open to both graduate students and advanced undergraduate students, but some systems and/or networking background is required.



Mike Freedman 208 8-9179 By appointment

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