HCI Lecture and Laboratory Schedule
2nd half of semester, Fall 2006

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Date Lecture Reading Labs/Assignments/Exams
Nov. 6, Mon. Special Guest Lecturers
from the Aphasia Project
MIDTERM Midterm available today
due 48 hours after check out.
Last possible due time Monday, Nov. 13, 5:PM.
Initial Project Proposals due Wednesday
Nov. 8, Wed. In-class Presentations of your initial Project Proposals
Please email us (xm@cs,prc@cs) a link to your
project page prior to class
MIDTERM Midterm still available
due 48 hours from checkout
Last due time Monday, 5:PM
Nov. 13, Mon. Digital Signal Processing
<--Notes Lab 4: Etch-a-Sketch and NIME
Due Wednesday, Nov. 29, in Class (DEMOS!!)
Nov. 15, Wed. Pattern Recognition
Feature Selection/Data Clustering
<--Notes Solidified Project Proposals
due Monday, Nov. 20
Here're your initial Proposals
Nov. 20, Mon. Feature Selection/Data Clustering and Hand Scan Example
Neural Nets and Cool NN Applications and Smell Chips!!
Fuzzy/Neural Pattern Recognition
. 2nd Project Proposals Due Today
Nov. 22, Wed. NO Class! Work on Projects and Lab 4
. .
Nov. 27, Mon. Realtime Computing, Microcontrollers <--Notes Project Updates
Due Monday Dec. 4 by 5PM
Nov. 29, Wed.
Lab 4 Demos! Put your code/executable(s)
somewhere on the web. Send us a link
Prior to Class
<--Notes .
Dec. 4, Mon. Keyboards! Keyboards! Keyboard!!
QWERTY ... Dvorak ... XPeRT
Chording Keyboards
"Optimal" Sylus-based Keyboard Layouts
and Links
Project Updates
Due Today at 5:PM
..NEXT UP.. NEXT UP ..... NEXT UP ..... NEXT UP ..... NEXT UP ..NEXT UP.. NEXT UP ..... NEXT UP ..... NEXT UP
Dec. 7, Wed. Special Guest Lecture by Luke DuBois <--Notes Here are your Projects
Dec. 12, Mon. Doug Bowman's great Virtual Environments Overview/Link page Interfaces for the Disabled
UTOPIA Project
HCIBib Accessibility Links
. Here are your Projects
Dec. 14, Wed. Project Proposal Presentations/ Design Reviews . Here are your Projects
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