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Fall 2006

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HCI Lecture and Laboratory Schedule: Fall 2006
Up To Midterm Break

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Date Lecture Reading Labs/Assignments/Exams
Sept. 18, Mon.
First Class
Overview of Class
Interface Introduction (after Bill Verplank)
Fitts' Law (the one theory in HCI??)
Fitts 1954
Assignment 1, Due Mon., Sept. 25th
Working with computers:
Observe, Sketch, Think, Improve, Write-Up
Sept. 20, Wed. Design of Input Devices (from Shumin Zhai)
A nice interview with Doug Engelbart
Verplank, Oliver on Mouse Useability Design
How the Mouse Works and more about MEECE
How an Optical Mouse Works
<--Notes Lab #1: Input Devices: Human Factors
Due Monday, October 2nd
(Read here what a good lab report should have)
Sept. 25, Mon. Basic Physics Overview/Intro
Basic Electronics Intro/Overview
<--Notes Assignment 1 due
Sept. 27, Wed. Principles of Sensors, Resistors, Capacitors, More <--Notes Lab #2: Input Devices: Resistive Sensors
Due Monday, October 9
Oct. 2, Mon. Signal Conditioning / Preprocessing / Data Acquisition
BioMuse and Radio Baton Sensor/Controller Systems
<--Notes Lab 1 Due Today
Oct. 4, Wed. George Miller's Magical Number of 7 +/- 2
User input via Eye Tracking
Also Some on Faces in General.
<--Notes Lab #3: Piezo and Capacitive Sensors
Due Monday, October 23
Assignment 2, 7 +/- 2
Due Monday, October 16
Oct. 9, Mon. BioMetrics
Muscle groups, Isometric/Isotonic activity
6-DOF Input Control
and Zhai's Paper
*** Lab 2 Due ***
Oct. 16, Mon. Serial I/O, MIDI <--Notes .
Oct. 18, Wed. Psychophysical Measurements
Auditory Display
Oct. 23, Mon. Sound Synthesis
3-D Audio
Kemar ... HEAD ... MTB
<--Notes Assignment 3
Due Monday November 6
Oct. 25, Wed. Haptics at the User Interface
Steering and Steering with Haptics
Sensory Substitution
<--Notes Projects!! ... Ideas!
First Ideas Due November 8

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