Freshman Seminar 125
Election Machinery

Andrew W. Appel

Fall 2004

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What books to buy

    This book is the first week's reading; I ordered 12 copies in bulk, you can buy one from me at cost, six bucks (or get it elsewhere):

  1. Black Box Voting: Vote Tampering in the 21st Century, by Bev Harris (Plan Nine Publishing, 2003).

    The remaining books are as follows. I have not ordered these books through the U-store, for which I apologize. I recommend or

  2. The Shame of the Cities by Lincoln Steffens. Published 1904; reprinted variously in 1957, 1993, etc. The new cheap paperback edition from Dover looks very tempting, until you realize that it won't be available in time.
  3. Rainbow's end : Irish-Americans and the dilemmas of urban machine politics, 1840-1985, by Steven P. Erie (University of California Press, 1988).
  4. Security Engineering, by Ross Anderson, Wiley, 2001.