HCI Lecture and Laboratory Schedule
2nd half of semester, Fall 2004

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Date Lecture Reading Labs/Assignments/Exams
Nov. 1, Mon. Solutions to Exam 1
. Lab 4
Project Proposals
Nov. 3, Wed. NO Class! Work on
Project Proposals and Lab4
. .
Nov. 8, Mon. Neural Nets and
Fuzzy/Neural Pattern Recognition
<--Notes .
Nov. 10, Wed. Psychophysical Measurements
Auditory Display
<--Notes .
Nov. 15, Mon. Sound Synthesis <--Notes Assignment 3
Due Monday Novenber 22
Nov. 17, Wed. 3-D Audio <--Notes Project Updates
Due Nov. 24th by 5PM
Nov. 22, Mon. Haptics at the User Interface
Steering and Steering with Haptics
<--Notes .
Nov. 24, Wed. No Class, work on Proposal Updates . Project Proposal Updates
Web Pointer Due by 5:00 Today
Nov. 29, Mon. Realtime Computing, Microcontrollers <--Notes.
TuesdaySPECIAL EVENT: Ben Shneiderman talk: 4:30 -- 5:30 "Leonardo's Laptop: Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies" 5:30 -- 6:00 Book signing
Dec. 1, Wed. Display for 6-DOF Control
"Optimal" Sylus-based Keyboard Layouts
Doug Bowman's great Virtual Environments Overview/Link page
and Link
Here are Your Projects
Dec. 1 SPECIAL EVENT: Ben Shneiderman talk: Has Been Cancelled
Dec. 6, Mon. Interfaces for the Disabled
Special Guest: The Aphasia Project
<--Notes .
Dec. 8, Wed. Project Proposal Presentations/ Design Reviews ..
Jan. 3, Mon. EXAM 2, Due 48 Hours from Checkout What may be on the Exam Latest due Fri. 5:PM Exam 2 Available
Demos and Final Written
Project Due This Week
Jan. 10, Mon. Exam 2 is due today (at latest). . Must complete before 5:PM
Jan. 11, Tue. Final Written Project Due 5:PM . Demos Also Due This Week
Latest Demo Time Thursday, 13th, 5:PM
Jan. 13, Thur. Last Day to Do Scheduled
Final Project Demo
. Must complete before 5:PM

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