Interface Technology

Fall 2004

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HCI Lecture and Laboratory Schedule: Fall 2004

Date Lecture Reading Labs/Assignments/Exams
Sept. 13, Mon.
First Class
Overview of Class
Interface Introduction (from Bill Verplank)
Fitts' Law (the one theory in HCI??)
Fitts 1954
Assignment 1, Due Mon., Sept. 20th
Working with computers:
Observe, Sketch, Think, Improve, Write-Up
Sept. 15, Wed. Design of Input Devices (from Shumin Zhai
A nice interview with Doug Engerbart
Verplank, Oliver on Mouse Useability Design
How the Mouse Works and more about MEECE
How an Optical Mouse Works
<--Notes Lab #1: Input Devices: Human Factors
Due Monday, September 27th
Sept. 20, Mon. Basic Physics Overview/Intro
Basic Electronics Intro/Overview
<--Notes Assignment 1 due
Sept. 22, Wed. Principles of Sensors, Resistors, Capacitors, More <--Notes Lab #2: Input Devices: Resistive Sensors
Due Monday, October 4
Sept. 27, Mon. Signal Conditioning / Preprocessing / Data Acquisition <--Notes Lab 1 Due Today
Sept. 29, Wed. George Miller's Magical Number of 7 plus or minus 2
User input via Eye Tracking
Also Some on Faces in General.
<--Notes Lab #3: Piezo and Capacitive Sensors
Due Monday, October 11
Assignment 2, 7 +/- 2
Due Monday, October 11
Oct. 4, Mon. BioMetrics <--Notes *** Lab 2 Due ***
Oct. 6, Wed. 6-DOF Control <--Notes and
Zhai's Paper
Oct. 11, Mon. Serial I/O, MIDI <--Notes *** Lab 3 Due ***
Assignment 2 Due
Oct. 12, Tue. MIDTERM MIDTERM MIDTERM MIDTERM Midterm available today, 48 hours.
Last possible due time Tuesday, Oct. 19, 5:PM.
Oct. 13, Wed. NO CLASS, Take Home Midterm, Sensors TAKE HOME MIDTERM!!
Oct. 19, Mon. Digital Signal Processing
Pattern Recognition
<--Notes .
Oct. 20, Tue. TAKE HOME MIDTERM DUE TODAY 5:00 (latest) . .
Oct. 21, Wed. Feature Selection/Data Clustering
Neural Nets and Cool NN Applications and Smell Chips!!
Fuzzy/Neural Pattern Recognition
<--Notes Lab 4
10/25-10/31 BREAK Week . .
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