Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 528
Data Structures and Graph Algorithms

Robert Tarjan

Fall 2003

General Information

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Administrative Information

Lectures: MW 1100-1220, Room: FC007

Professor: Robert Tarjan - 324 CS Building - 258-4797

Secretary: Mitra Kelly - 323 CS Building - 258-4562

Problem Sets
Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Problem Set 3
Problem Set 4

Notes on Catenable Deques
Notes on Redundant Binary Number
Notes on Sorting by Two Stacks in Parallel
Open Problem sequence generation
Testing for the Consecutive
Two Streamlined Depth-First
Stop Minding Your P's and Q's
Notes on PQ-tree Reduction
Pure Versus Impure LISP
Implementation of PQ-tree
Notes on the Boyer-Myrvold Planary-Testing Algorithm
Maximum Network Flow
A New Approach to the Maximum-Flow Problem
Beyond the Flow Decomposition Barrier
Network Flow and Testing Graph Connectivity
Augmenting Paths
Final Project
Self-Adjusting Binary Search Trees
Dynamic Trees
Fibonacci Heaps and Their Uses
Scaling Algorithms for the Shortest Paths Problems
A Practical Shortest Path Algorithm..
The Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
A Randomized Linear-Time Algorithm
Efficient Algorithm For Funding...
A Fast Algorithm For Finding Dominators in a Flowchart
Applications of Path Compression on Balanced Trees
A Simpler Minimum Spanning Tree..
The Soft Heap
A Minimum Spanning Tree:Inverse-Ackerman
Poly-logarithmic deterministic...
Faster Kinetic Heaps...
Dynamic Planar Convex Hull