COS 126/226 Course Development
Department of Computer Science
Summer 2014

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Overview.   The Department of Computer Science runs a summer program for students to work on projects that have the potential to evolve into course materials for the introductory computer science curriculum at Princeton and beyond. We seek talented students in all fields, not just computer science majors. Non-COS majors bring to the table not only knowledge in their field that we might not have, but also can help us decide what we can add to the course that could make it more valuable to students in their departments.

Project ideas.   There are a huge number of potential tasks for people to take on; our preference is for everyone to work on things close to their level of expertise and interest, so the "job description" will be tailored accordingly. To give you an idea of what we have in mind, here is a list of some ideas, though we expect that people will bring their own ideas into the process. In fact, some of our most successful projects in the past have been student-generated, so do not feel limited by this list of ideas.

Details.   The program runs from June to August, but the dates are somewhat flexible. and you need not work continuously or for the entire period (though you do need to be on campus while working). You will be paid on a hourly basis (about $13 per hour), up to 40 hours per week. Housing is not included, although you can apply for Princeton summer housing through MacMillan. Also, we expect you to be able to attend weekly group meetings. The 2013 application deadline is Friday, April 19. We'll make admission decisions approximately two weeks after the deadline.

Bob Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne