Hi! I'm an Assistant Professor appointed jointly by the Computer Science and Mathematics departments at Princeton University.

I have a broad interest in theoretical computer science and mathematics.
I am especially interested in computational complexity, pseudo-randomness, coding theory and discrete mathematics.

Email:  zeev.dvir  "at"  gmail.com

Office:  Room COS 405 / FINE 1008.

Mailing Address: 
Princeton University, CS building.
35 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ 08540

On-line publications

Survey: Incidence Theorems and Their Applications.


(Fall 15) COS 487: Theory of Computation

I'm on the CCC 2015 committee - Link to conference website


Sivakanth Gopi

Rafael Oliveira

Guangda Hu


Research Blogs

Shtetl-Optimized – Scott Aaronson's blog.

Computational Complexity – The mother of all complexity blogs.

In Theory – Luca Trevisan's blog.

What's new – Terence Tao's blog.

Combinatorics and more – Gil Kalai's blog.

Gowers's weblog – Mathematics related discussions.