Yoram Singer



I am currently a visiting scholar at the Department of Computer Science of Princeton University. Starting September 2017 I will be a faculty member. I am also a research scientist at Google. I head a small research group which focuses on Principles Of Effective Machine-learning (aka POEM). Before joining Google I was a professor of Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Contact Information

  • Email:

    • Personal: mbox{sftt ys{bf @}sonic{bf .}net}

    • Princeton: mbox{sf y{bf .}s{bf @}cs{bf .}princeton{bf .}edu}

  • Voice Mail: mbox{sf (650) 248-2614}

  • Snail Mail: 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Recent Paper(s)

I do not maintain a web page with my papers except for a few links to the most recent papers. If you cannot find an online copy of a paper I (co)authored, I am sure that either Internet Archive or my co-authors kept a copy.