I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate, working with Prof. Kyle Jameison, at Princeton University. Porior to my Postdoc, I received my PHD degree, in 2017, from Nanyang Technological University, under supervision of Porf. Mo Li. I work on diverse topics in wireless networks, internet of things and cyber physical systems.

I build the Atheros-CSI-Tool.

Conference Publications

  • mD-Track: Leveraging Multi-Dimensionality in Passive Indoor Wi-Fi Tracking
    Yaxiong Xie, Jie Xiong, Mo Li, Kyle Jamieson
    To appear in ACM MobiCom 2019
    [paper] [Atheros-CSI-Tool]

  • SWAN: Stitched Wi-Fi ANtennas
    Yaxiong Xie, Yanbo Zhang, Jansen Christian Liando, Mo Li
    ACM MobiCom 2018
    [paper] [demo] [web] [Atheros-CSI-Tool]

  • xD-Track: Leveraging Multi-dimensional Information for Passive Wi-Fi Tracking
    Yaxiong Xie, Jie Xiong, Mo Li, Kyle Jamieson
    ACM HotWireless 2016

  • Augmenting Wide-band 802.11 Transmissions via Unequal Packet Bit Protection
    Yaxiong Xie, Zhenjiang Li, Mo Li, Kyle Jamieson
    [paper] [Atheros-CSI-Tool]

  • Precise Power Delay Profiling with Commodity WiFi
    Yaxiong Xie, Zhenjiang Li, Mo Li
    ACM MobiCom 2015
    [paper] [project video] [Atheros-CSI-Tool]

  • Recitation: Rehearsing Wireless Packet Reception in Software
    Zhenjiang Li, Yaxiong Xie, Mo Li, Kyle Jamieson
    ACM MobiCom 2015
    [paper] [project video] [Atheros-CSI-Tool]


SWAN: antenna extension for commercial Wi-Fi system [project-site]

Based on Atheros-CSI-Tool

An array of many antennas helps a wide range of wireless sensing and communication applications. Most commercial Wi-Fi NIC, however, only support three antennas. We design and implement a general-purpose antenna extension solution with commercial Wi-Fi devices. Our system, SWAN, builds an array of stitched antennas extended from the radio chains of commercial Wi-Fi. SWAN has low hardware cost and provides easy-to-use interfaces embeded in the Linux kernel.

Splicer: band splicing for commercial Wi-Fi system

Based on Atheros-CSI-Tool

The channel bandwidth used by Wi-Fi significantly limits the resolution of time domain signal analysis based on Wi-Fi signal. The bandwidth of each individual Wi-Fi channel is relative narrow, but the whole frequency band allocated for Wi-Fi standard is much wider. We thus design and implement a band splicing system based on commercial Wi-Fi system. Our system, Splicer, obtain a wideband channel by combining the Channel State Information (CSI) of mutiple Wi-Fi bands. We also propose a set of techniques to adress the CSI error caused by Wi-Fi hardware.

Atheros CSI Tool [project-site][GitHub]

Channel State Information (CSI) conveys all the information about the wireless propagation channel, i.e., the environment, and thus is required by diverse wireless communication and sensing applications. I build Atheros-CSI-Tool, which is an open source 802.11n measurement and experimentation tool. It enables extraction of detailed PHY wireless communication information from the Atheros WiFi NICs, including the Channel State Information (CSI), the received packet payload, and other additional information (the time stamp, the RSSI of each antenna, the data rate, etc.).