Jack and the Statue of Liberty! Jack Tzu-Han Hung

Liberty Research Group
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University, New Jersey, USA
Email: thhung@cs.princeton.edu

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Dear recruiter,

For your convenience, here's a quick summary of my days after Princeton.

I graduated from Princeton with a master's degree in 2010. I then joined Intel (Santa Clara, CA) and worked as a software engineer slightly longer than one year before moving back to Taiwan (my home country). While at Intel, I worked on binary translation & optimization projects, and yes, they are a lot of fun!

I am now working at HEC Taiwan in the houseware and kitchenware industry. As the sales manager & marketing director, I am managing a team of six (intelligent agents not included :D) and working in the sales/marketing/technology fronts for the company. I'm pretty happy about my current job and I'm not thinking about turning my career to yet another direction at this point. Plus, I don't really see myself living in the Silicon Valley or New York Metro Area in the near future. So I guess I'm not the software engineer you are looking for.

Thanks for reading this, and I wish you the best luck in finding your guy!

PS. If you are interested in business intelligence (BI), we can talk. If you are interested in compiler optimization, we can also talk (but this is really just talk :)).



I am a third-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science Department of Princeton University. My research interests include compilation techniques and computer architecture. I am now working in the Liberty Research Group and advised by Prof. David I. August.

Before I came here, I worked as a research assistant in National Chiao Tung University, focusing on binary translation systems (advised by Prof. Wei Chung Hsu). I also served in the military (tough guy I am!) for about one and half year. Earlier on, I did both my undergraduate study (for B.S.) and graduate study (for M.S.) in Computer Science and Information Engineering Department of National Taiwan University.

Research Interests
  • Compilation Techniques
    • Static/dynamic program analysis and optimization
    • Architecture-dependent optimization
  • Computer Architecture
    • Multicore and parallel architectures
    • Modern embedded architectures: ARM, MIPS
  • Runtime System
    • Dynamic binary translation and optimization
    • Modern runtime systems for high-level languages: JVM, .NET CLR
Courses (@ Princeton)
  • COS 441: Programming Language (Fall 2007)
  • ELE 475: Computer Architecture (Fall 2007)
  • COS 320: Compiling Techniques (Spring 2008) (Final only)
  • COS 423: Theory of Algorithms (Spring 2008)
  • COS 424: Interacting with Data (Spring 2008)
  • WRI 501: Scientific Literature in English (Spring 2008)
  • COS 518: Advanced Computer Systems (Fall 2009)

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