My current projects target frequently-used or centralized components of distributed data center systems, where the performance of the entire system will improve substantially by improving the performance of these components.

Fast Data Center Transport

Remote procedure call (RPC) is the glue that holds modern microservice architectures together. Because a single user request might require coordination among hundreds of machines, the network stack plays a large role in the overall latency, throughput, and CPU utilization of requests. RPCs are commonly run over TCP, which is general-purpose and provides nice guarantees, but has been shown to be inefficient. I am currently leading a project (in collaboration with Christopher Hodsdon) to design a transport layer tailored to the particular use patterns and needs of RPC. In doing so, we aim to reduce server-side CPU utilization, reduce end-to-end request latency, and increase overall application throughput for services that use RPC.


Sequencers are centralized servers that hand out numbered tokens to clients so that clients can order their operations in a distributed system. This project, led by fellow PhD student Christopher Hodsdon, uses a custom transport layer and sequencer design to serve clients at line rate and recover quickly from communication and sequencer failure.


Guo, Jia, Teng Xu, Theano Stavrinos, and Miodrag Potkonjak. "Enabling environmentally-powered indoor sensor networks with dynamic routing and operation." In Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation (PATMOS), 2016 26th International Workshop on, pp. 213-220. IEEE, 2016.

Pannetier, Nicolas A., Theano Stavrinos, Peter Ng, Michael Herbst, Maxim Zaitsev, Karl Young, Gerald Matson, and Norbert Schuff. "Quantitative framework for prospective motion correction evaluation." Magnetic resonance in medicine 75, no. 2 (2016): 810-816.

Academic Service

OSDI 2018 Topic Preview Sessions Organizer
OSDI 2018 External Reviewer
Princeton Systems Seminars Co-Organizer, 2017-2018
NSDI 2018 External Reviewer
Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2017 Shadow PC Member
Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2017 Scribe
SIGCOMM 2017 Topic Preview Sessions Co-Organizer
NSDI 2017 External Reviewer

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